About Me

Toronto born and then raised in Hornepayne Ont, this young man grew up with many challenges associated with having autism. He fought very hard to get to where he is today, and that is being a father of 4 wonderful children and working from home.

He is currently the owner/operator of Burleigh Technologies and helps small companies with building websites and helping them get an even bigger name for themselves. He also helps them with payment systems and booking systems. He has also helped with logo designs and marketing as well as some consulting.  

He has worked on a few movie projects being a LSP (Location support personal) and as a D.I.T (Digital Imagining Tech) for the movie beyond the fringe of wild. His work in these productions is what got him ever more interested in movies and the science and magic behind these films.

Over the past few months and with Covid taking its toll on the film industry he has had to make a few changes and has started working more from home and working as a computer tech and web site designer. His passion has always been computers and the working on them is quite simple for him. Together with his girlfriend/office admin, he has been able to handle much more than before.

He has done a few websites and has been helping with a non-profit movie team and a few other web projects. His clientele though not very big right now is helping him get his name out there more. With his small business digitization certificate he has been able to help more people and even start working more on his own business and getting his name out there more.